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Roofing and Domestic Scaffolding in Camberley
| Scaffolding Systems Explained

Solid Scaffolding Berkshire Ltd offers our growing number of domestic clients in Camberley scaffold hire options to suit every home renovation or construction project. We also specialise in commercial and industrial scaffolding systems, providing large-scale safety solutions for a range of building works throughout the areas we cover. From roofing systems to mobile domestic scaffolding, we’re the company to trust in Berkshire and Surrey. 

In business for over 20 years, our attention to detail and safety record to date are unbeaten. Solid Scaffolding Berkshire is focused on maintaining this level of customer care, and we are lucky to have a continuous flow of reviews which agree with our scaffolding company’s professional approach.

Which System Will Suit You Best?

There are a number of frameworks available, each suited to different projects. Here we list the most popular styles, although we are more than happy to design and supply bespoke solutions for unusually shaped properties or hard-to-reach areas.

Cantilever Scaffolding

For uneven ground, we can insert supporting pins into the walls of the property in question around which the scaffolding system can be erected and held securely in place.

Single Scaffolding

Easily positioned against exterior walls, single scaffolding is usually supplied to domestic homeowners in Camberley who are planning minor restorative projects or brickwork.

Double Scaffolding

Having a second row of scaffolding in front of a single installation provides more stability, particularly if the original framework can’t be secured to the building in question.

Scaffolding Towers

We highly recommend using these for your domestic project as they negate the need for ladders, and are considerably safer due to the wide platform inserted for standing.

Chimney Scaffolding

If you need to repoint your chimney, or you’re replacing leadwork, don’t rely on ladders and balance. Our scaffolding designs can suit all roofing styles and alleviate safety concerns. 

We don’t just provide the domestic scaffolding. The team will ensure you hire the perfect framework for the job in hand, and we’ll discuss all safety measures in advance. Each rig is supplied with access stairs, edge protectors, netting, and any other safety component you may need. If our scaffolding company’s systems will be in situ for an extended period of time, we’ll carry out regular safety checks to ensure its stability. Solid Scaffolding Berkshire is also happy to rearrange the standard or roofing framework onsite, if required.

Scaffolding System Components

Each framework supplied to our domestic, commercial and industrial clients will comprise the following:


These are the vertical poles which secure the scaffolding framework to the ground, using base plates for even weight distribution.


Also known as runners, ledgers provide horizontal support and improve the rigidity of the entire system. Timber platforms and access stairs are fitted within the ledgers.


These complete the framework by offering more horizontal support across the top of the ledgers.


Each section of scaffolding which consists of standards, ledgers and transoms is referred to as a bay, and can be sized to suit your working environment.

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