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Domestic Scaffolding and Scaffold Hire in Guildford
| Be Safe When Using our Systems

We can’t overemphasise enough the importance of health and safety in the workplace, particularly on building sites. That doesn’t mean it’s not equally as important where our scaffold hire services are carried out for residential clients, however. Solid Scaffolding Berkshire Ltd celebrates a wide range of contracts, in fact, from domestic homeowners in Guildford to commercial property landlords in Farnborough and the surrounding areas. 

For more about the extensive domestic, commercial, industrial and roofing scaffolding services we provide, please check out the relevant pages on our company website. We also have a number of testimonials for you to consider, along with an album of current and previous works on our gallery page.

Guidelines for Safe Use of Our Scaffolding Systems

Hiring a renowned and respectable company is the first thing you should do. This will provide you with the assurance that all supporting documentation relating to the contract will be correctly compiled and submitted, and licences will be applied for if necessary. We also advise you seek copies of the documents and licences for additional proof. 

If you’re availing of our scaffold hire services for the first time, we’re on hand to offer advice and address any concerns you may have. Solid Scaffolding Berkshire also provides an emergency service, with issues prioritised during normal working hours. Should anything happen to the framework, or you’ve experienced severe weather conditions in Guildford, we don’t advise approaching the scaffolding until it’s been thoroughly checked and passed by one of our experienced and professional team members.


Never alter the scaffolding in any way. Should you need to change any aspect of it, talk to us first and wait until we’ve carried out your requirements and thoroughly checked the system again. It’s not just a case of supplying poles and timbers; domestic, commercial, industrial and roofing scaffolding is carefully calculated by our team at Solid Scaffolding Berkshire to suit your project or construction job. 

Should you attempt to change or remove any of the components, you could seriously affect the stability of the scaffolding. Even if you think you’re fixing a loose fitting following bad weather, you may be doing more harm than good.

Safety Components

All domestic and commercial scaffolding systems are supplied with a variety of safety features. These include edge protectors, barriers, netting, stairs and handrails. Not only will these protect the users from potential injury, they’ll prevent roofing materials, tools and other items from falling off the scaffolding. User safety, along with that of passers-by, is also assured with the addition of hoists, pulleys and rubbish chutes. 

Use the access stairs and internal steps properly, approaching them with free hands and appropriate footwear. Never climb onto any part of the framework; scaffolding is specifically designed for safety and should be used according to the instructions provided by our scaffolding hire company upon delivery and set up. 

Do not allow any unauthorised personnel access any domestic, commercial, industrial or roofing scaffolding, especially children and pets.

For more about our domestic scaffolding services in Guildford, call 07990 029897.