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Commercial Scaffolding in Staines
| Our Company Explains the The Importance of Public Safety 

Solid Scaffolding Berkshire Ltd is adamant that the safety of all involved in the use of our frameworks is considered and adhered to. As a scaffolding hire company, servicing domestic, commercial and industrial clients, it’s essential our standard frameworks and roofing systems are assembled correctly with all safety measures in place. We take our work extremely seriously, as the testimonials relating to our professional scaffolding services will prove. 

If you’re looking for frameworks in order to carry out construction or renovation works in Camberley, Chertsey, Farnborough, Guildford, Staines or the surrounding areas, talk to our experienced and knowledgeable team today.

Making Public Safety a Priority

For clients who need to position some or all of our scaffolding on a public pavement or road, there are a number of important factors to consider:


Risk assessments and method statements are essential in our line of work. These detailed reports will highlight identified hazards, outline potential outcomes if ignored, and indicate how to reduce or remove such problems. The corresponding method statements will elaborate upon the assessments, informing about safety precautions and best practices. 

Public safety will naturally be a major part of any risk assessment if the scaffolding is situated near pedestrians and moving vehicles. Our scaffolding company’s commercial services are designed to significantly reduce any potential issues and, with a safety record as commendable as ours, we’re certainly a leading name in this area.

Working at Height

For construction workers, conservationists, decorators and other operatives who carry out their jobs above floor or ground level, the phrase used to describe their actions is ‘working at height’. This is also relevant if they run the risk of falling of an edge, or through an unstable surface or opening. You can also be considered working from height if you’re operating at ground level but at risk of falling into an opening or hole.

The General Public

In order to protect scaffolding users from serous injury, many safety features are in place. These are also positioned to ensure the safety of the public who may have no choice but to directly pass under the scaffolding. If your domestic, commercial or roofing scaffolding is going to affect members of the general public in this way, then you must take precautions and rigidly adhere to them.

Solid Scaffolding Berkshire hires out the following systems which will help to prevent unnecessary incidents during the time our scaffolding company’s frameworks are in place at your Staines property:


Positioned to remove rubble and builders’ waste from the building, straight into a waiting skip or dump truck, chutes prevent the accidental dropping of these items onto the ground and causing serious harm.

Hoists and Pulleys

Designed to carry tools, building materials and other necessary components, these simple yet effective safety measures free your hands to access ladders appropriately. They also reduce physical strain and potential injury.

Netting and Sheeting

Not only do these prevent items from falling, netting and sheeting will keep dust and loose chippings from affecting passers-by as users carry out their various tasks on our scaffolding systems.

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